Red Latern
Title: Hours?9/25/2011 3:12:47 PM
How about posting your hours on your website?
Title: bad service7/27/2014 4:39:54 PM
I just called twice. Both times told to hold for almost ten minutes. Disappointed. Order from there often . Not anymore.
Title: Delivery7/20/2012 6:51:37 PM
I just called for a delivery, the lady told me the min, I said ok, she put phone down ( without asking me to hold) while she talked about a window order, then I heard a phone ring, she took a delivery order for someone on pellicano, I assumed she forgot about me, so I hung up and called back and was told you don't do delivery because you are too busy and the dishwasher doesn't have time!! I will be sure the entire military community knows about this! Very insulting, not to mention unprofessional!
Title: An Excellent Dining Experience7/10/2011 5:03:43 PM
My wife, brother-in-law, and I have eaten at the Red Lantern on a regular basis. We've always received fantastic service and, whether for take-out or dine-in, the food has always been hot, fresh, and so delicious we savor every bite. Thank you for for being a positive part of the El Paso community, Red Lantern!
Title: Best in El Paso!6/20/2013 1:57:43 PM
I love Chineese food, and have eaten at lots of places! But, The Red Lantern has the most tastiest, flovorful Chineese food I have ever had! The atmosphere is authentic and the staff is very friendly. You have to try rhis place if you haven't already! Delicious!
Title: Highly Recommended6/14/2011 8:26:40 AM
My husband always rants and raves about this restaurant! He eats there often when he is at work (law enforcement) and always talks about it and makes me hungry. I can't wait to go visit and enjoy for myself!
Title: GREAT5/13/2011 6:01:46 PM
Great food. My husband and I order take out from here every friday and have never had bad service or food. Everything is always served fresh and hot. AWESOME keep it up Red Lantern.
Title: dantheman4/4/2012 10:34:30 AM
Been to this restaurant a few times. Haven't had any bad service or bad food. Seems like the service is always better when the pretty waitress who has her hair covering her eye is working. The lady who manages the place seems a little mean
Title: Minimum Order4/28/2013 6:49:50 PM
Don't order unless you are willing to dish out at least $20
Title: Best Chinese in El Paso, hands down3/9/2012 7:07:38 PM
My family eats here all the time and not only is it the best VALUE in El Paso Chinese food dining, but the restaurant is clean, the staff is helpful and courteous and no more than 5 minutes after you order, there is a hot, steaming plate of the freshest most delicious Chinese food you will have. Simply amazing value and quality. Hot tea with honey, WarWanton soup, the family special and lettuce wraps won't run you over $30...and you'll have lots of leftovers. Coming from a genuine foodie and a highly critical eater, these are the top compliments I could muster. I simply LOVE everything about this place. :)Red Lantern is the best. Period.
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